Landscaping Racine, WI


We have been working for home and business owners in Racine county for many years. We provide a wide range of landscaping services, consisting of lawn care, weed control services, general yard care, snow removal & ice control, season clean up, mulch delivery and installation services, and many more. We take pride in doing the best work possible for every customer we serve, and that is why most of our customers are returning to us year after year. We can make any landscape design come to love, so if you have an outdoor dream that you are looking to make a realty, give us a call today and we can get the ball rolling! Many homeowners don’t really understand how smart of an investment it is to work on the landscaping of their home, but it truly does provide a significant return on investment! And it doesn’t hurt to have somebody else think about when the lawn needs to be mowed.

We make sure the landscaping right next to your home is being well taken care of in order to prevent any weeds from growing in. Proper weed control is critical throughout the summer to make sure your plants are able to grow in a healthy manner! Racine Landscaping Pros wants to create and maintain an environment where your plants are able to grow in the healthiest manner possible and this can take a lot of work. If you don’t want to do the back breaking, intense work that it takes to maintain a healthy landscaping bed, give us a call today and we can do it for you!

Those of us who have lived in Wisconsin for quite some time understand that our winters can be very unpredictable, and a heavy snowfall can hit us when we least expect it! For years, we have been providing Racine snow removal services throughout the county, delivering both residential and commercial services. Over the course of time, we have established strong relationships to due our constant reliability. Most home and business owners need to have snow removed by a certain time of day, so we have the adequate sized team to make sure exceptional service is being delivered! We also provide ice control services to ensure everyone is walking and driving on the safest surfaces as possible. If you need a reliable, hard-working snow removal partner for the upcoming winter, please give us a call now! It’s better to be prepared for that heavy snowfall before it actually comes, so even if it’s in the middle of Summer, it doesn’t hurt to give us a call.

Racine Landscaping Pros consists of hard-working, ethical team members who focuses on providing the best service to our customers as possible. If you are not happy with the experience you’ve had with our team, please let us know right away so we can do what we can to make this right. There are numerous landscaping and lawn care companies throughout Racine County, so we appreciate you taking the time to consider us for your landscaping needs.

We do provide landscaping in Kenosha, WI, so contact us if you need services there as well!

A lawn is being mowed by a push mower, and you can clearly see the difference between the grass that has been mowed and the grass that is yet to be mowed.
A lawn is being mowed by a push mower, and you can clearly see the difference between the grass that has been mowed and the grass that is yet to be mowed.




We love making people’s homes look beautiful from the outside! It’s what we have been doing ever since we got into business. We have transformed numerous properties from looking outdated and neglected to modern and taken care of. Racine Landscaping Pros will perform whatever job you need done with the highest quality of work. Our team consists of members who carry hard work ethic and we take pride in performing exceptional customer service. There is no landscaping job too big or too small for our team to handle. Give us a call today!


General lawn care can take up a lot of homeowners time, and not everyone enjoys doing it. It can be difficult work and most people would prefer to spend their time with family and friends as opposed to the back breaking work that lawn care requires! We have been providing lawn care in Racine for many years, and our customers have experience the highest quality of service when working with us. Most of our customers are repeating ones, so we know we are providing excellent lawn care services.



Wisconsin winters can be seriously unpredictable, and we never really know when one of those massive snowfalls is going to hit us! There are years where we don’t get much at all, and other years it seems like we’ll never see the green grass again. When you’re in a pinch and need snow removal services in Racine, give us a call right away!

We have been serving the area for a number of years, and our consistent reliability has helped us establish quality relationships with home and business owners.

We provide both residential and commercial snow removal services, so whether the project is big or small, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you! We provide snow plowing, snow shoveling, snow removal, ice control, and other snow removal services.

Also, we recommend people giving us a call sometime between August and November to get set up before the first snow fall comes down, as you never know how busy we could be when it hits! It’s always better to be prepared. Call us today!




In order to grow in a healthy manner, bushes should be trimmed and shaped on a regular basis. This pruning process will get rid of branches and stragglers that are actually taking away from the nutrients that the healthy areas of the bush should be receiving. Many of our lawn care customers choose to have us trim their bushes as well because they understand the value and the fact that our service helps their bushes live a healthy life for a longer period of time. If you have a bush that needs to be removed because its time has passed, let us know and we would be happy to come by, take it out, and replace it with something healthy! Call us today to see how we can help with our bush trimming & removal services.



It’s time to get your lawn ready for the change of season! Whether it’s Spring or Fall, there is most likely something you need to get done in a timely manner to make sure everything is ready for the new season. When it’s Spring time, you probably have a great idea of something new you can do with the yard to truly enjoy the outdoor season! If you need to clean up the area to get ready for that new project, we can help! Maybe it’s the end of October and you’ve been putting off the dreaded leaf project because you don’t know when the leaves are going to stop falling.

We understand how that goes, so give us a call and see how we can be of assistance to you! We have been providing seasonal clean up services to our customers in Racine for a number of years, and many of them keep coming back to us year after year because of the convenience it brought into their lives. If you are thinking about getting some help for this years clean up projects, don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can provide you with our services!


To provide a top notch experience for every customer in our care. We want to make a positive impact on the community of Racine County, and we know that in order to do that we need to focus on playing our role. We want to be the most trustworthy and hardworking landscaping company in the area, and we want to build a strong reputation. The only way we can do that is by working hard for our customers and providing the best customer care possible. We will work hard for you!